Biden’s DHS Officer Exposed: Shocking Hamas Support & Anti-Semitic Rants!

In a shocking revelation, it has been discovered that Nejwa Ali, an employee within the Biden administration’s bureaucracy, has been caught praising Hamas attacks against Israel. Can you believe it? Someone with an apparent pro-Hamas bias is now responsible for handling asylum claims from foreign nationals as a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer. This is beyond outrageous!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and The Daily Wire were quick to expose Ali’s anti-Israel comments and rightfully called for her immediate firing. And it’s no wonder they did! This Biden administration member had the audacity to post photos of Hamas terrorists parachuting into Israel while clutching guns used to massacre innocent Israelis and citizens from other countries. Can you imagine the horrific nature of these posts?

But it doesn’t end there. Ali’s disturbing posts included glorifying the thousands of innocent Israelis brutally killed by the terrorist group Hamas. She even went as far as saying, “F*** Israel and any Jew who supports Israel.” Unbelievable! This is a clear case of anti-Semitism, and it’s absolutely unacceptable for someone in her position.

What’s even more concerning is that Ali was caught posting these outrageous comments under a pseudonym, “Falestine Mi Amor.” It seems she was trying to hide her true feelings and beliefs. But thank goodness for The Daily Wire’s investigation, which exposed her true colors.

It’s important to note that Ali had previously worked as a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), a group that has a long history of supporting terrorism against Israel. And it appears that her allegiance to the Palestinians still holds strong, despite working for the United States government. This raises serious questions about the vetting process within the DHS. How could someone with such obvious bias and questionable allegiances slip through the cracks?

But don’t hold your breath for any real consequences. Despite USCIS condemning anti-Semitism and violent rhetoric, Ali has reportedly not faced any disciplinary action. Unbelievably, she still works for the DHS. This is yet another example of the Biden administration turning a blind eye to blatant bias within its ranks.

It’s clear that the Biden administration needs to take immediate action. Allowing someone with a pro-Hamas bias to handle asylum claims and potentially affect national security is a grave mistake. We deserve better than this, America. We deserve a government that puts the safety of its citizens and allies before political agendas.

This shocking revelation should serve as a wake-up call for all Americans. We must demand accountability from our government and ensure that those who hold positions of power prioritize our national interests, not personal biases. It’s time for President Biden to step up and clean house within his administration. Our country’s security depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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