Exposed: House GOP Unveils Proof of Raskin Deception in Biden Bribery Probe

According to recent testimony, Rep. Jamie Raskin may have lied about the credibility of the FD-1023 form accusing Joe Biden of bribery. The House Oversight Committee alleges that Raskin falsely claimed that Donald Trump’s DOJ found the form to be not credible. However, former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady, who was involved in the decision-making process of the investigation, confirmed that there were enough indications of corruption to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware. This contradicts Raskin’s statements.

Brady also criticized the FBI, stating that they were reluctant to investigate the alleged corruption surrounding the Biden family. He mentioned the challenging working relationship he had with the FBI and their unwillingness to task-related to Hunter Biden and his role in Burisma. Brady also revealed that the FBI never informed his office about Hunter Biden’s laptop or confirmed its authenticity, despite DOJ prosecutors investigating the Ukraine allegations.

It is concerning that the FBI did not share such important information with the DOJ, especially considering the laptop contained credible evidence of criminal activity by Hunter Biden. FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to explain why this information was withheld. However, given Wray’s past obstructionism before Congress, it seems highly unlikely that we will get a satisfactory answer.

Furthermore, it is essential to question where Raskin obtained his original claim from. Who gave him this information? Was it the FBI or the Biden administration? It seems improbable that Raskin simply made it up on his own. This incident highlights the attempts to cover up the alleged wrongdoing as soon as the FD-1023 was released to Congress.

This situation is reminiscent of Rep. Adam Schiff’s behavior during the Trump-Russia investigation, where he spread numerous falsehoods. Schiff repeatedly claimed to have direct proof of collusion but failed to produce any evidence. Raskin appears to be following in Schiff’s footsteps by repeating false statements to gain attention on cable news networks. It is disappointing to see Democrats resort to spreading falsehoods for political gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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