Parents FIGHT BACK as Schools FORCE Inappropriate Gender Lessons On Kids

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland decided they will no longer let parents opt their children out of gender identity and sexual orientation instruction, going against the wishes of religious parents. This decision came last March, but it has recently caused controversy as more than 70 parents showed up to a school board meeting to protest it. These parents claim that the lessons violate their religious beliefs and that they have the right to have a say in their children’s education. 

Parents are furious about the age-inappropriate books being implemented in elementary school classrooms, such as “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” which is about same-sex marriage and is being read by kindergarten students. Parents are uncomfortable with the books that are being given to prepubescent children, considering it is not suitable for their age. They also want to have the right to choose a lesson that goes against their faith. 

Montgomery County Public Schools has blamed the policy on creating “inclusive classrooms,” and in an email, they stated that parents wouldn’t be notified of gender identity lessons through letters anymore. Moreover, parents wouldn’t have the ability to opt out of any instruction, excluding a sexual education course. The school wants to promote full inclusion, but it is doing so while sacrificing the religious beliefs of families in the district. 

Montgomery County Moms for Liberty, a group of parents have been protesting against the policy via a peaceful campaign. They have reached out to neighboring cross-community grassroots groups, including Muslim and Chinese communities, who are helping them to push back. The goal of these groups is to look for leaders in the community and partner with them to bring attention to this issue. The push for removing children from inappropriate lessons and books is not because parents are against the LGBTQ community, but because they are demanding age-appropriate lessons that will not go against their religious beliefs. 

Parents have the right to dictate their children’s education and learning, and the decision by the Montgomery County Public Schools has gone against these rights. It is unfortunate that the school board has decided to impede upon a family’s religious beliefs under the guise of inclusion. Parenthood is not to be shared with the government, and parents have the right to limit their child’s exposure to certain subjects. Moms for Liberty is preparing to take legal action against the school board if it does not reverse its decision.

Written by Staff Reports

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