Senator Mike Lee TORCHES Elizabeth Warren’s Court-packing proposal

Once again, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has made it clear that she doesn’t respect the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court. After being silent for a few weeks, Warren launched another broadside attack against the Supreme Court, calling for court packing on behalf of the Left.

Senator Mike Lee, a proud conservative from Utah, took exception to her latest attack on the Court and issued a bold challenge to Warren. Lee said, “I find it laughable that Warren would label the Court as illegitimate for her own political gains, especially when she knows full well that the Court has nine justices, a longstanding tradition that she wants to dismantle with her court-packing proposal.”

Lee also stated that Elizabeth Warren’s policy prescriptions are not only dangerous but unconstitutional. Her plan would essentially move the Supreme Court into becoming a political entity, disrupting the balance of power and rendering it toothless when it comes to correcting abuses is any other branches of the government.

Meanwhile, leftists have been targeting Justice Clarence Thomas with calls for impeachment over the past few weeks. Their charges are baseless – Justice Thomas taking trips with a friend is hardly a crime. Yet they’ve demanded an ethics investigation into Thomas, and even Democratic Senator Dick Durbin has called for him to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Thankfully, Lee and other conservatives have rejected this request and are standing firm in their support of Justice Thomas.

It’s clear that the Democrats are desperate to consolidate power, and they’re using any means necessary to do so – including trampling over the basic institutions of the U.S. government. It’s dangerous and reckless, and conservatives like Mike Lee will continue to stand up for American values and protect our Constitution against this radical, socialist agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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