After the GOP Won a Razor-thin Majority in the House, Members of the Party’s Far Right Began Pushing for Restrictions on Aid to Ukraine

A missile attack on Poland last week led to confusion. Initially, it was reported that Russia was responsible, but Western officials disputed this. They claimed that the incident might have been caused by the Ukrainian air defense systems.

Representing a far-right Republican party, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused the Ukrainian government of trying to provoke the US into a larger conflict.

She stated that the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, should stop asking for weapons and money from the US. It’s time for the US to stop supporting this war.

After the election results were announced, Greene and other Republican members of the House of Representatives unveiled a strategy aimed at increasing the scrutiny of the aid that the US gives to Ukraine.

This strategy, however, falls short of what Greene has called for. In public appearances and speeches, she has repeatedly demanded the complete withdrawal of aid.

Over the past few months, various groups and individuals have called for the withdrawal of US aid to Ukraine.

Believing that the US should not be involved in another international conflict, some Republican members of Congress have called for the country to focus instead on reducing immigration. They also questioned the motives of Zelenskyy and presented conspiracy theories about the conflict.

On the other hand, Russia has been trying to strengthen its far-right support by disseminating misleading information about the situation in Ukraine.

The US has provided over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February. The statements made by members of Congress, such as those made by Greene, have alarmed Kyiv. Before the midterm elections, Zelenskyy urged the US to continue supporting Ukraine.

At that time, Zelenskyy noted that the US media was reporting conflicting messages about the country's support for Ukraine. With that in mind, he said that the country might eventually need to reduce its aid.

A Wall Street Journal survey conducted last month revealed that half of the Republican grassroots support the idea of cutting down on aid to Ukraine.

Powerful members of the party, such as McCarthy, who is running for House speaker, support the position. In October, McCarthy stated that even if the Republicans regain control of the House during the upcoming elections, Kyiv would not receive a blank check.

A slim majority in the House would give members such as Greene disproportionate power, said Gunner Ramer, the political director of a conservative group.

Despite the possibility of a Republican majority in the House, some experts doubt that the new power structure would have a significant impact on the aid that the US provides to Ukraine. Whit Ayres, a political consultant, noted that support for Ukraine has bipartisan support in Congress.

All of the bills that have been introduced regarding the aid that the US gives to Ukraine have been supported by both parties in Congress. According to Michael McCaul, who is expected to lead the House's Foreign Affairs Committee, support for the aid will continue.

According to Hayes Brown, a columnist for MSNBC, McCarthy might have indicated that he would like to limit the amount of aid that the US provides to Ukraine as a way to work out a spending agreement with Democrats.

Political consultant Whit Ayres warned House Republicans who are against supporting aid for Ukraine that doing so could alienate moderate voters. These voters are mainly concerned with issues such as crime and the economy.

He also referred to the divisive practices of the far-right members of the Republican party. He said that no one in the House prevented the Republicans from launching investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden or cutting off aid to Ukraine. He claimed that these actions were taken to address issues such as crime and border security.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Cable.

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