Alaska Uni’s New Course: Pronouns Over Education?

Education has taken a wild turn, folks. The University of Alaska Anchorage has introduced a one-credit course called WSGS 101: Why Pronouns Matter. It seems that now, in addition to facts and philosophy, universities are also instructing students on what’s important – and apparently, pronouns are high on the list.

While students should focus on getting their degree requirements done, this course is aimed at filling up those elective slots. And hey, if it helps students meet credit requirements for housing or financial aid, why not?

But what’s all the fuss about pronouns? According to the University, WSGS 101 is not just about pronouns; it’s about exploring respectful language and identity. They claim it will contribute to personal and professional development, making students better at connecting with others and being true to themselves. Well, isn’t that swell?

Here’s the kicker – pronouns often govern speech the person using them will never hear. Can you imagine? You’ll spend hours practicing pronouns for someone you’ve briefly met in college, never to speak to them again. And when you try to reference them to your cousin over the holidays, your conversation turns into a confusing jumble of made-up words.

This enlightening course is part of the Women’s and Gender Studies program taught by Zoe Dohring and Dr. Sara Caldwell-Kan. According to their LinkedIn profiles, they are self-proclaimed “change agents” on a mission to shape higher education. Zoe brings their whole identity into spaces, including being white, trans-femme, nonbinary, and all that jazz. Sara, on the other hand, goes by she/they pronouns. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

The University of Alaska Anchorage believes in embracing new gender identities, from “cake gender” to “bird gender” and everything in between. It’s a smorgasbord of pronouns and gender categories, where options are infinite. Who knew?

But let’s be real. A few years ago, we were all just fine being nonbinary. Gender identity wasn’t even a thing. But now the Powers That Be have decided that we must all pick a category and use appropriate pronouns, even when no one is around to hear it. So much for professionalism, substance, and respect.

Welcome to the world of ‘noun-self’ pronouns, folks. It’s a brave new confusing world we’re navigating. And guess what? This course is just one step toward an even more bewildering future. So hold on tight, because in 2024, pronouns might be all that matter.

It’s ludicrous that universities are dedicating courses to pronouns when there are more important subjects to focus on. College should be about preparing individuals for the real world, teaching them skills that employers actually need. Instead, we’re pushing students into an alternate reality where made-up pronouns take precedence over critical thinking and practical knowledge. Let’s get back to basics and prioritize education that truly benefits students.

Written by Staff Reports

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