AOC Fumbles on Israel-Hamas, Sides with Terrorists on CNN!

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the face of the radical left, truly stumbled during an interview on CNN. When asked about the Israeli government’s response to the brutal actions of Hamas, AOC had nothing substantial to offer. It’s no surprise that she signed a letter alongside other crazy Democrats demanding Israel to enter a ceasefire after being relentlessly attacked. Thankfully, the CNN host, Abby Phillip, questioned her on what Israel should do about Hamas, who murdered, brutalized, and abducted over a thousand of their citizens. It seems like AOC thought Israel should just sit back and do nothing in the face of such aggression.

Despite Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel, AOC insisted that both sides should stand down in her proposed ceasefire. She rambled on about defining goals and safety instead of addressing the fact that Hamas initiated the conflict. It’s clear that AOC is more interested in supporting the talking points of a terrorist organization than standing up for the security of our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Abby Phillip rightly pointed out that Israel was attacked without warning, and asked AOC if they should not respond. But instead of acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself, AOC went into a long spiel about “collective punishment,” ignoring the fact that Israel is under no obligation to provide resources to an aggressor. She even criticized Israel’s use of white phosphorus, an effective weapon for self-defense, as being inappropriate. It’s concerning that AOC seems more concerned about Hamas than the safety and security of our ally.

While AOC mumbled about “cooling tensions in the region,” it was clear that she had no concrete plan or solution. She dodged the question of how Israel should deal with Hamas, a violent and militant group that terrorizes both Israelis and Palestinians. AOC’s lack of understanding and clear avoidance of the issue is disappointing but not surprising coming from someone who consistently fails to provide substantive solutions.

Instead of offering her own opinion and taking a leadership role, she punted to the Biden administration. It seems AOC would rather rely on the President to handle the situation than formulate a well-thought-out approach herself. It’s important to note that President Biden has already made misguided comments warning Israel against a ground campaign, as if the United States has the authority to direct Israel’s policies.

In the end, AOC demonstrated that she lacks the knowledge and fortitude to handle complex international issues. It’s clear that she relies on pre-assigned talking points and excuses rather than providing concrete solutions. As conservatives, we need leaders who will stand up for our allies and ensure the safety and security of our nation. It’s time to recognize that AOC’s approach is flawed and unworthy of our support.

Written by Staff Reports

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