Are Our Taxes Are Too High?

It's time to face the facts: Uncle Sam's wallet is wide open, and it's not for Americans. While hard-working citizens are pinching pennies and struggling to keep up with sky-high taxes, our government is showering foreign nations with billions in aid. How does that make any sense?

Look at the numbers. In 2023 alone, the United States forked over more than $50 billion in foreign aid. That’s money that could be used to fix our crumbling infrastructure, support our veterans, or lower the tax burden on everyday Americans. Instead, it's being funneled overseas, often to countries that don’t even like us!

The folks in Washington, D.C., seem to forget who they work for. Their constituents are the American people, not the global community. Every dollar sent abroad is a dollar not invested in our schools, our hospitals, and our communities. It’s no wonder people feel frustrated and betrayed.

Consider this: if we have the luxury to hand out massive amounts of money to other nations, isn't it clear our taxes are too high? Lower the taxes, reduce the wasteful spending, and let Americans keep more of their hard-earned money. It's a simple solution that respects taxpayers and prioritizes our own country’s needs.

Written by Staff Reports

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