Attorney General SUES TikTok For Exposing Children To Adult Content

In a lawsuit filed against China's TikTok, Indiana's attorney general accused the social media app of exposing minors to adult content. This is the first instance that a state has attempted to challenge TikTok's social media superiority.

Todd Rokita, the state's attorney general, accused TikTok of deceiving young users and exposing them to inappropriate content. In addition, he claimed that the app violated the state's laws by not disclosing the level of access that its Chinese employees had to US users' data.

In a press release, Rokita stated that the TikTok app is a menacing and malicious threat that the Chinese company has carried out against Indiana consumers.

According to the lawsuit, the heavy use of TikTok has been linked to an increased risk of mental illness.

For a long time now, TikTok has been the target of federal and state lawmakers' scrutiny. The company, which is owned by a Chinese tech firm known as ByteDance, has been accused of being linked to the Chinese Communist Party. It is also in talks with the Biden administration regarding its operations.

In the summer, TikTok was under scrutiny after it was reported that Chinese employees were able to access the data of US users. Following the report, the company immediately moved all of its US users' data to servers operated by Oracle.

Several states, including North Dakota, Maryland, and Texas, have banned TikTok from their government-issued devices. Military officials have also prohibited the app from being installed on government-issued devices.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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