Biden Admin Accused of Coercing Tech Giants to Censor Speech

Former White House official Rob Flaherty appeared in front of the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the First Amendment but was unable to explain its principles. The committee also released a report detailing the Biden administration’s alleged efforts to pressure social media companies to censor information and opinions.

According to the report, the Biden White House supposedly coerced companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon to suppress free speech. The report claims that the administration’s pressure campaign led to changes in the content moderation policies of these platforms.

The report states that the White House pressured companies to censor information, including true information, satire, memes, opinions, and personal experiences. It alleges that these censorship efforts targeted content that didn’t violate the platforms’ policies at the time.

Republican lawmakers have criticized the Biden administration for allegedly violating the well-established legal standards of the First Amendment by censoring speech on social media. The report and Flaherty’s testimony are seen as evidence of the administration’s overreach in its attempts to control the flow of information on online platforms.

Written by Staff Reports

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