Biden Admin Fast-Tracks Asylum Denials for Migrants with Criminal Ties

The Biden administration has put forward a new rule that aims to speed up the process of deciding who can seek asylum at the southern border. This change would allow authorities to quickly turn away a limited group of individuals who are believed to have committed serious crimes or have links to terrorism.

This announcement comes as the administration is facing criticism from Republicans, who argue that its policies have made the situation at the southern border worse. By implementing this new rule, the Department of Homeland Security hopes to demonstrate that it is taking steps to address the concerns surrounding immigration and border security.

According to the proposed rule, asylum officers will now have the authority to consider a migrant’s criminal history or terrorist connections at an earlier stage in the asylum process, which takes place shortly after their arrival in the country. This move is intended to enable the Department of Homeland Security to remove individuals who are deemed a threat to the United States more quickly, thus enhancing border security.

There are certain criteria that make individuals ineligible for asylum, such as being convicted of a serious crime. However, the final decision on asylum cases can take years, during which migrants are typically held in detention. The proposed rule would allow asylum officers to deny claims within days if there is evidence that an individual is barred from asylum due to criminal or terrorism-related reasons, significantly reducing the time between encountering the individual and their removal from the United States.

While the exact number of individuals who would be affected by this rule change was not provided, the Department of Homeland Security stated that it would only impact a small number of people. This move is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to address concerns about border security and immigration, particularly during a time when these issues are under scrutiny during national debates and discussions.

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