Biden Admin Sues Rite Aid: Accused Of “Fueling” Opioid Crisis

The Biden administration is taking a hard stance against Rite Aid, claiming that the pharmacy chain ignored “red flags” while filling prescriptions and helping to fuel the opioid crisis. In a March 13 filing, the Justice Department alleges that between 2014 and 2019, Rite Aid employees filled “at least hundreds of thousands” of unnecessary and unlawful prescriptions for opioids. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland announced in a press release that the Justice Department is “using every tool at our disposal to confront the opioid epidemic that is killing Americans and shattering communities across the country.”

However, this lawsuit against Rite Aid is yet another example of the Biden administration’s tendency to use government power to target businesses. The Justice Department is accusing Rite Aid of “intentionally deleting internal notes” flagging suspicious prescriptions and “directing district managers to tell pharmacists to be ‘mindful of everything that is put in writing.’” This is a clear attempt by the Biden administration to punish Rite Aid for its alleged role in the opioid crisis, rather than focusing on providing resources and support for those struggling with addiction.

The Biden administration has also failed to address the root causes of the opioid epidemic, such as poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and mental health issues. Instead, they are using their power to target businesses and corporations, while ignoring the underlying issues that have led to the opioid crisis. This is a dangerous precedent to set, as it could lead to more government overreach and abuse of power in the future.

Furthermore, it is unclear how much money the Biden administration expects to gain from this lawsuit, as they have not provided any details on how they plan to use the funds. It is also concerning that the Biden administration has chosen to give money to organizations such as Planned Parenthood instead of using it for overdose prevention and treatment programs.

The opioid crisis is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, but the Biden administration’s approach is misguided and ineffective. Rather than punishing businesses and corporations, the Biden administration should focus on providing resources and support for those struggling with addiction. It is time for the Biden administration to take a more holistic approach to tackling the opioid crisis and focus on providing real solutions that will help those affected by this devastating epidemic.

Written by Staff Reports

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