Biden Admin Warns Twitter: Big Brother Is Watching Closely

The White House's press secretary, Jean-Pierre, stated that the Biden Administration was looking into the reports about the pro-free speech changes that Elon Musk made to Twitter under his ownership.

According to a report by the New York Post, Pierre stated that the government was monitoring Twitter as Musk fulfilled his promise to improve transparency on the platform. This has resulted in Musk releasing shocking new reports about how the platform has been censored and biased.

Fox News' Peter Doocy then asked Pierre why the Biden Administration continued to use Twitter despite its criticisms of Musk's actions.

Pierre then stated that the government was monitoring Twitter as it might not be a suitable platform for the administration.

When asked about the Biden Administration's stance on addressing the issue of hate speech and misinformation on social media, Pierre stated that the former believed that it was important for platforms to take the necessary steps to prevent these types of harmful content from being posted. However, she refused to provide further details about the changes that the administration would be making.

When asked about the possibility of the government taking action against Twitter, Pierre noted that various far-left groups had also criticized the platform. These included the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League.

Other liberal government entities, such as the European Union, have criticized and threatened Musk's actions on Twitter. The commissioner for digital policy of the EU, Thierry Breton, ordered the tech entrepreneur to implement more measures to address the issue of hate speech and misinformation on the platform.

In response, Musk stated that he was still working on various reforms that would improve the platform's operations and protect its users' freedom of speech. He also said that Twitter would be implementing new policies and procedures to make it easier for users to report violations.

After a lengthy battle, which almost became a legal dispute, Musk was able to acquire Twitter in October. Following the firing of the company's top executives, Musk started implementing various changes. Some of these include the reversal of the platform's controversial "misinformation policy" regarding COVID-19, and the establishment of a new procedure for reporting violations.

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