Biden and Harris Struggle to Fill Venue at Philly Rally Rely on Elmo Stunt

In a recent event in Philadelphia, former President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris attended a rally at Girard College, a private boarding school, to try and win over black voters. However, it was noted that they struggled to fill the venue, with only half the gym being filled and most of the attendees being press. This lackluster showing was in stark contrast to the large rallies former President Donald Trump has been having.

To add some excitement to the event, a costumed Elmo from Sesame Street made an appearance in a drum line before Biden and Harris took the stage. However, this move backfired when Sesame Workshop, the organization behind Sesame Street, distanced themselves from the event, stating that the Elmo costume used was not an official character.

This incident highlights Biden’s habit of trying to appeal to different groups of people without much success. It’s no surprise coming from someone with a history of lying and plagiarism. Biden’s reliance on a Muppet character like Elmo to drum up support shows just how desperate and ineffective his campaign has become.

Sesame Street’s disavowal of the Elmo appearance further emphasizes the lack of enthusiasm and authenticity in Biden’s campaign. Using a beloved child’s character for political gain is not only manipulative but also shows a lack of integrity on Biden’s part. It’s no wonder Sesame Workshop wanted to make it clear they were not endorsing Biden.

In the end, this incident only serves to highlight the floundering nature of Biden’s campaign. Relying on gimmicks and questionable tactics to generate support does not bode well for someone seeking the highest office in the land. Hopefully, voters will see through these tactics and make an informed decision come election day.

Written by Staff Reports

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