Biden and Trump to Debate Solutions for Inflation Crime and Border Security

In the upcoming debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the focus is not on dwelling in the past, but on addressing the pressing issues affecting the American people today and in the future. Voters are looking for solutions to combat inflation, crime, energy poverty, and border security vulnerabilities that threaten national safety.

The electorate is concerned about tragic incidents, such as the deaths of young individuals at the hands of unlawful migrants, and they are seeking reassurance that their basic needs will be met without financial strain. Instead of rehashing past controversies like impeachment or personal scandals, voters are more interested in which candidate can understand and tackle their current fears and frustrations.

Trump’s adviser, David Bossie, emphasizes that Trump is prepared to focus on the future during the debate, recognizing that voters are not interested in reliving the past but in securing a better future for themselves and their children. Trump is expected to address contentious issues like the reversal of Roe v. Wade by highlighting the importance of states’ rights and the wisdom of the American people in making such decisions.

On the other hand, Biden’s strategists have been encouraged to highlight Trump’s past actions and paint him as a threat to democracy. However, veteran political voices like David Axelrod caution against this approach, suggesting that Biden should concentrate on connecting with voters’ current concerns instead of engaging in a battle of historical grievances.

As the debate approaches, it is crucial for CNN moderators and the candidates to focus on the future-oriented discussions that matter most to the American people. The debate should not devolve into a blame game or personal attacks but should stay centered on addressing the challenges facing the nation and proposing viable solutions for the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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