Biden Backpedals on Green Plans as Ratings Sink

President Joe Biden has once again been caught red-handed, having to backpedal on a major initiative. And why is that, you may ask? Well, because it seems that every move he makes just spells disaster for our beloved economy. It’s no wonder Americans are fed up with Biden and his disastrous agenda.

Biden’s “go green” initiatives have been nothing short of a joke. His attempt to halt exports of liquified natural gas (LGS) was quickly shut down by the House of Representatives. And rightfully so! Republican Representatives Kevin Hern and August Pfluger saw right through Biden’s politically-motivated ban and labeled it a colossal blunder.

While some die-hard Biden supporters may be up in arms over this flip-flop, it looks like the Biden administration is finally seeing the light. Suddenly, Biden is easing up on his aggressive push for electric vehicles. Imagine that! His ludicrous plan to ban tailpipe emissions by 2032 would have been a death sentence for the auto industry and our already struggling economy.

One can’t help but question Biden’s motives for this sudden change of heart. Is he finally realizing that his approval ratings are plummeting faster than a lead balloon? Or maybe he’s just desperate to appease voters before the next election. But let’s face it, Biden’s presidency is circling the drain. From skyrocketing inflation to scandals unearthed by Special Counsel Robert Hur, it’s clear that Biden is a sinking ship.

And let’s not forget about Biden’s cognitive decline, which is so concerning that the 25th amendment is being whispered about. How Biden even dares to entertain the idea of a second term is beyond comprehension. It’s high time for Biden to call it quits before he forgets how to do even that.

Written by Staff Reports

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