Biden Backs Israel, Pledges Military Aid in Face of Hamas Attacks

In a rare moment of clarity and common sense, President Joe Biden condemned the recent attacks by Hamas on Israel, recognizing it as one of the deadliest acts of violence against Jews since the Holocaust. Finally, a Democrat who is willing to stand up for our closest ally in the Middle East!

But that’s not all. Biden didn’t just offer empty words of support; he pledged new military assistance to Israel. It’s about time we start standing with our friends and showing the world that we won’t tolerate acts of terrorism.

Of course, Biden also had to throw in a little nod to the far-left by calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “operate by the rules of war.” As if Israel hasn’t been trying its best to defend its citizens from the constant barrage of rockets fired by Hamas. It’s easy to sit in the comfort of the White House and dictate how others should fight when your own country is not under attack.

Meanwhile, our Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already made the trip to Israel to show solidarity. It’s good to see that someone in the Biden administration has their priorities straight. And to further support our ally, the U.S. has strategically positioned military assets closer to Israel, including aircraft carriers. We’re with you, Israel!

But let’s not forget about Iran’s role in all of this. As expected, there are concerns that Iran is supporting these terrorist attacks. Shocking, I know. It’s no secret that Iran has been a state sponsor of terrorism for years, and it’s about time we hold them accountable for their actions. We need a strong leader who will confront Iran head-on, not someone who will turn a blind eye to their malicious activities.

Now that Israel has launched its own airstrikes on Hamas targets and is demanding the return of the hostages, it’s clear they’re not going to sit back and let these terrorists run rampant. They are taking decisive action to protect their people, and they have every right to do so.

It’s refreshing to see a President who understands the importance of standing with our allies and condemning acts of terrorism. We need leaders who will prioritize the safety and security of our own citizens and those of our friends around the world. President Biden, keep up the good work and continue to support Israel in their fight against terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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