Biden Backtracks: Irony in Texas Wall Expansion Funding

President Joe Biden's recent action, which involves waiving federal statutes to allow the construction of a 20-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border wall in South Texas, is sure to disappoint conservatives and those with strict immigration policies. Despite his efforts to redirect funds previously allocated to the border wall project by the Trump administration, Biden faced resistance from Congress, leaving him with no alternative but to use the already approved funds.

While President Biden maintains that there was little he could do to prevent the funds from being used for the border wall, it is evident that his administration's approach to border security differs significantly from that of his predecessor. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stressed the administration's belief in pursuing "more effective means of border security," such as investing in advanced technology rather than constructing a physical barrier.

It's important to highlight that the Biden administration's use of executive power to waive federal restrictions in South Texas represents a notable departure from their previous stance on this issue. These waivers include important environmental regulations like the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. This disregard for environmental laws raises concerns about the potential impact of the construction on the local ecosystem.

While the addition of 20 miles to the border wall might appear modest compared to the nearly 450 miles built during the Trump administration, it serves as a reminder of the sharp contrast in the Biden administration's approach to border security. Biden's decision to proceed with construction, despite his acknowledgment that the border wall is not an effective solution, raises questions about the rationale behind this move.

As conservatives, it is disheartening to witness the Biden administration prioritizing the interests of undocumented immigrants over the safety and security of American citizens. By waiving federal statutes and disregarding environmental regulations, Biden is conveying a clear message that catering to his political base takes precedence over upholding the rule of law. Given his administration's inconsistent approach to border security, it is becoming increasingly challenging to trust that President Biden has the best interests of the American people at heart.

Written by Staff Reports

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