Biden Betrays America, Using Executive Orders Like a Dictator!

It seems that President Biden is another politician who says one thing and does the complete opposite once they get into office. In 2020, before taking office, Biden made it abundantly clear that using executive orders to legislate was wrong and that doing so was only acceptable for dictators. However, now that he’s sitting in the Oval Office, it seems his moral compass has gone out the window, and he’s doing just that.

Biden’s team, of course, tries to justify his actions by claiming that only certain types of executive orders are dictatorial, and that he hasn’t signed any of them. But, as we’ve seen in little over two years, Biden has signed executive orders that circumvent the wishes of the American people and their representatives in the legislative branch. These orders cover issues such as guns, COVID policy, abortion, and climate change.

Just last week, Biden’s Climate “Czar”, John Kerry, boasted about how the President is using executive orders to force his disastrous climate policies on the United States. It seems that the only consistency we can expect from President Biden is his inconsistency, yet another politician who likes to flip-flop depending on which way the political wind is blowing.

It’s disappointing that the Commander-in-chief, who took an oath to defend the United States Constitution, is actively undermining its basic principles by resorting to dictatorial tactics. It’s a betrayal of the trust that the American people placed in him during the election.

In conclusion, it’s disappointing us to see President Biden is doing the exact same thing he once defined as dictatorial, proving that his leadership style lacks the core principles of consistency and dedication to democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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