Biden Betrays Israel! Withholds Aid, Sides with Hamas?

Loyal readers of the New York Post, the beacon of truth and justice, are abuzz with outrage and disbelief at the latest antics of President Biden. It seems the Commander-in-Chief is playing a dangerous game with our greatest ally, Israel, by reportedly considering withholding military aid in an attempt to prevent the IDF from entering Rafah. A move that could only benefit the terrorist organization, Hamas, and put Israeli lives at risk.

Now, let’s break it down, folks. Israel, a shining beacon of democracy and freedom in the Middle East, has been constantly besieged by radical terrorists who have no qualms about targeting innocent civilians. The IDF, Israel’s brave defense force, has been tirelessly working to protect their citizens from these vicious attacks. And what does President Biden do? He apparently thinks it’s a good idea to pull the rug out from under Israel’s feet by withholding vital military aid. Unbelievable!

It’s not just about the money, folks. It’s about the message this sends. By even considering this reckless move, President Biden is signaling to the world that he’s willing to throw our allies under the bus in favor of appeasing terrorists. It’s a slap in the face to every American who stands for freedom and democracy.

The readers of the New York Post are speaking out in droves, expressing their disbelief and anger at this latest development. They understand the importance of standing by our allies, especially when they are facing constant threats to their very existence. President Biden needs to wake up and realize that playing politics with the safety and security of Israel is not only irresponsible but downright dangerous. It’s time to put America and her allies first, not the whims of terrorists.

Written by Staff Reports

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