Biden Blames Sleep Deprivation for Dismal Debate Performance

President Joe Biden’s explanation for his dismal debate performance is as laughable as it is concerning. The 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief, who many have long speculated is struggling with his mental faculties, blamed his poor showing on being “essentially sleep-deprived.” Biden tried to convince a crowd at a McLean, Virginia fundraiser that his globe-trotting was to blame for his nearly comatose debate demeanor, glossing over the fact that he had a full week of rest beforehand.

Talk about spin-doctoring. The President claimed he traveled through numerous time zones, ignored his staff’s advice, and practically dozed off on stage. He might have thought this excuse would fly, but it’s more flimsy than a paper airplane in a hurricane. His timeline doesn’t even add up. Biden had returned from his trips nearly two weeks before the debate and spent the last stretch of time vacationing at Camp David, reportedly with nap breaks as his main preparation.

Democrats are now in panic mode. For months, they’ve tried to dismiss legitimate concerns about Biden’s cognitive health, brushing off any reports of him looking confused or lost as selective editing. Yet, during the debate, Biden’s mental fog was broadcast live for the world to see. Core allies and top donors are reportedly livid, feeling disrespected by what has essentially turned into a Baghdad Bob denial strategy. The excuse that traveling exhausted him sounded hollow at best and deceitful at worst, igniting further questions about his fitness for office.

The President crowed about raising $38 million since the debate as if money could offset the glaring issues with his performance. Perhaps he should invest some of that cash into better advisors or, heaven forbid, a retirement fund. The campaign’s attempt to pivot away from this debacle has been nothing short of pathetic. No amount of money or spin can hide the reality that the voters witnessed: a President who looked like he needed a pillow more than a podium.

CNN and other media outlets, no longer able to cover for Biden’s failings, have admitted top Democratic leaders are urging him to step aside, citing the good of the party and the nation. Once whispered behind closed doors, this suggestion has now become a deafening chorus. Despite the White House’s efforts to “turn the page,” they find it impossible when the story just worsens.

Let’s be real here. If Biden’s excuse was an attempt to dodge the real issue — his deteriorating mental fitness — it has backfired spectacularly. The administration’s half-hearted attempts to downplay the significance are both incompetent and insulting. The American public isn’t stupid, and the more excuses they hear, the more obvious Biden’s mental decline becomes. Far from turning the page, the Biden administration has just added another embarrassing chapter to this saga.

Written by Staff Reports

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