Biden Blunders Again while Defending His Economic Catastrophe!

Joe Biden, who some folks call "Bidenomics," had a moment when asked about the economy. He took credit for job growth, but that's a bit misleading. Most of the jobs added were in government and part-time roles, not a sign of a strong economy.

Biden wants us to be grateful for lower inflation, but prices for things like groceries and rent have gone up a lot under his policies. High interest rates make it tough for regular folks to buy homes. It's like a double whammy where your money doesn't go as far, and the future looks uncertain. When asked about these problems, Biden sometimes struggles to speak clearly. There have been moments where he seemed like he might pass out while talking. This is a big concern for those thinking about voting for him in 2024.

But Biden doesn't stop there. He says most Americans are financially better off under his leadership, but the evidence says otherwise. Wages haven't kept up with the rising costs of living, and regular folks feel the pinch when paying their bills. The economy's real problems can't be hidden with clever words or job numbers.

Let's not forget Biden's flip-flop on the border wall. He blames Congress for restarting construction, even though it was his own Department of Homeland Security's call. Biden wants the benefits of the wall but doesn't want to admit it politically. It's a classic case of hypocrisy.

It's pretty clear that Biden might not be up for the job. Pretending everything is fine is hard to believe. It's doubtful he'll make it through a second term, and some wonder if he'll even make it to the general election. Some folks think the Democrats are causing a big mess for our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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