Biden Blunders in Debate as Democrats Scramble

President Joe Biden and his cabinet have had their hands full this past week, attempting to mop up the mess after an abysmal performance in the first presidential debate. This spectacular belly-flop highlighted every weakness imaginable, leaving the Democratic Party scrambling like Wile E. Coyote after a failed Road Runner ploy.

The Biden team has spun more explanations than a carnival Tilt-A-Whirl to justify his lackluster showing. Traveling state to state trying to resuscitate his image, Biden’s been throwing every excuse at the wall, hoping something sticks. Appearing at a North Carolina event right after his lackluster Waffle House jaunt, he looked slightly more animated, albeit admitting that debating in one’s golden years isn’t quite the same feat as it was in his youth.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has transformed into a broken record, tirelessly repeating that the president was battling a cold. Apparently, this cold zapped away any remaining ability to project energy and deliver a resounding performance — not that anyone noticed a difference.

Despite this debacle, Biden’s grip on the Democratic nomination remains tight. He shows no hint of passing the torch to Vice President Kamala Harris or any other would-be savior. Yet, this hasn’t deterred some of his previous contenders from casting stones. It seems the infighting has begun in earnest, with the Democratic echo chamber finding its voice.

Author and presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson shared her dismay about the DNC’s problematic endorsement of Biden, criticizing the suppression of other candidates. She painted a picture of a Democratic Party that talks out of both sides of its mouth, touting democracy while simultaneously muzzling it when convenient. The Democrats’ own tactics are now backfiring, and the fallout is proving rather deliciously ironic.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett? Oh, he’s had enough too. This Texas Democrat went on the record demanding Biden step aside—quite the bold move in the current climate of clashing ambitions. As Biden fumbles around sleepily admitting he needs earlier bedtimes and fewer late-night events, the chorus of doubters grows louder.

So buckle up, because the Democrats’ internal strife is shaping up to be a prime-time spectacle. If Biden can’t keep his eyes open and the critics keep piling on, it’s bound to be the kind of political popcorn show that conservatives have been waiting for.

Written by Staff Reports

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