Biden Campaign Struggles to Retain Fleeing Latino Voters

President Joe Biden’s campaign co-chairman Mitch Landrieu is struggling to comprehend why Latino voters are fleeing the Biden ship like rats from a sinking vessel. In a recent appearance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Landrieu was in the hot seat as he tried to explain the exodus of Latino voters, a group that had largely supported Biden during the 2020 election but now seems to be having second thoughts.

In a moment of classic political bafflement, Landrieu admitted he didn’t have a clue why Latinos were turning away from Biden. He clarified that Latino voters are much like everyone else; they move from one political stance to another, similar to African American voters. However, the co-chairman confidently predicted that these voters would eventually see the light and return to the Biden fold. That’s some wishful thinking right there.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Team Biden has tried to gloss over the glaring issues by waving the magic wand of time. Landrieu emphasized that most Americans, including Latinos, want a safe and secure country, a stable president, and someone fighting for them. Apparently, he missed the memo that Biden’s policies have turned the nation’s southern border into Swiss cheese, turning “safety” and “security” into foreign concepts.

Digging deeper, Landrieu attempted to downplay the border crisis by suggesting it’s been an ongoing issue for over 20 to 30 years. Nice try, but recent polls tell a different story. According to Equis, a research firm that delves into Latino interests, more Latinos in battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and others trust Trump over Biden when it comes to handling immigration issues. The stats aren’t pretty for Biden, with 41% of Latinos feeling more confident in Trump’s border policies compared to 38% for the current commander-in-chief.

This trend makes it pretty clear: Latino voters are tired of Biden’s weak-kneed approach to immigration. Trump’s tough stance, coupled with actionable policies, resonates more with those who value a secure border. As Biden’s approval among Latinos continues to slip, one thing becomes glaringly obvious – the Democrats underestimated the importance of enforcing immigration laws and securing the border.

Written by Staff Reports

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