Biden Caught in Hunter’s Shady Foreign Deals? Most Americans Agree!

In a recent poll conducted by J.L. Partners for, it was found that more than half of Americans, 51% to be exact, believe that President Biden was “probably involved” in his son’s business transactions. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more likely to hold this belief, with a staggering 92% agreeing with the statement. On the other hand, only 11% of Democrats believe that the president was involved. Among independents, 55% believe that President Biden had some level of involvement.

These results come at an interesting time, as House Republicans are set to hold their first hearing for the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The hearing will focus on “constitutional and legal questions” surrounding the allegations of the president’s involvement in his son’s dealings.

Just yesterday, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, a Republican, made a shocking revelation that Hunter Biden received $250,000 through two wire transfers from China, with the president’s Wilmington, Delaware address listed as the beneficiary. President Biden has vehemently denied any involvement in his son’s business dealings, a claim that 34% of those polled believe. However, 15% of respondents said they were unsure whether he was involved or not.

Interestingly, the poll also asked participants about their views on the criminal charges against former President Donald Trump versus those against Hunter Biden. The results showed that 48% believed Trump’s charges were worse, while 35% thought Hunter’s charges were worse. A small percentage, 10%, believed that both cases were equally bad. It’s worth noting that President Trump has been indicted four times this year on state and federal charges, whereas Hunter Biden was recently indicted for lying about his drug use when purchasing a handgun.

It remains to be seen how these poll results will impact the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Biden, but they certainly add fuel to the fire for those who suspect his involvement in his son’s business dealings. Stay tuned for further developments.

Written by Staff Reports

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