Biden CAUGHT on Tape Admitting Iran Nuclear Deal is Dead…

In October, US President Joe Biden stated that the nuclear deal with Iran was “dead”. His comments were captured on video and posted online. He said that the agreement would not be coming back.

In the video, Biden was asked about the situation regarding the nuclear deal. He said that the negotiations have already ceased, and that the deal would not be re-opened. He also noted that his administration would not publicly state that the agreement was dead.

In the video, the president is shown telling a woman that the nuclear deal is dead, but he also noted that his administration would not publicly state that it was.

The woman then warns the president that Iran will continue its efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. Tehran is reportedly seeking such technology in order to provide insurance coverage against attempts to remove its government.

A spokesperson for Biden’s office stated that the president’s administration had already moved on from trying to restart the negotiations with Iran.

Critics of the administration’s approach to Iran are not convinced that the White House has already given up on the deal.

John Bolton, who was Donald Trump’s national security adviser, stated in a statement that the White House would not give up on its efforts to convince Iran to come back to the table and negotiate a new agreement.

The White House has been under increasing pressure to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran. Due to the emergence of new legislation that would require Iran to meet certain conditions in order to participate in the agreement, Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the deal. Some of the Trump administration’s supporters also supported the idea of a total halt to the negotiations with Iran and the implementation of a new campaign of sanctions.

Despite the growing pressure from the opposition party, the Biden administration has remained relatively quiet regarding the situation regarding Iran. Instead of calling for a new negotiation with Iran, the former vice president has remained largely silent on the issue.

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