Biden Cheers as Maryland Leads Gun Control Crusade with New Office

Governor Wes Moore (D-Maryland) has garnered significant praise from the Biden administration for acing aboard the gun control bandwagon by suggesting the establishment of a statewide gun violence prevention office in Maryland. Maryland would be the inaugural state to support this White House-initiated initiative. To begin the state legislative session, Moore is going all in on this, introducing three bills pertaining to gun violence, one of which would establish an office similar to the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which was established by President Joe Biden in September.

Under the direction of Vice President Kamala Harris, the White House office has been exerting pressure on local governments and states to adopt similar measures in continuation of the "Safer States Initiative" launched by the administration in December. Even White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre weighed in, describing Moore's action as "critical" and conveying the administration's delight that states are beginning to implement their proposals. She underscored the resolute resolve of the president to address the epidemic of gun violence, as well as the endeavors of the administration to enact bipartisan legislation and implement executive orders that target unlawful firearms and violent criminal activity.

Since Biden assumed office in 2021, the White House has attributed the decline in violent crime to his gun violence initiatives; however, the FBI projects that the annual decline in national homicides will be at its greatest in 2023. Also, Harris does not hesitate to give herself a peck on the back for these endeavors. In an effort to ensure the safety of children from gun violence, she recently unveiled a momentous declaration in Charlotte, North Carolina, regarding funds to employ and train mental health professionals in schools and new grants to assist school districts in combating violent crime.

Undoubtedly, the Biden administration is extremely energized regarding gun control, and they are ecstatic that Maryland has joined the movement with this proposal for a gun violence prevention office. With all this rhetoric regarding the prevention of gun violence, it appears that they are determined to implement significant changes.

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