Biden Continues to Undermine Israel’s Security Highlighting Skewed Foreign Policy Priorities

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again found himself on the receiving end of Joe Biden’s apparent disregard for one of America’s closest allies. Since October 7th, Biden has showcased a pattern of throwing Israel under the bus in various instances.

Firstly, in February, Biden criticized Israel’s response in Gaza as “over the top,” conveniently forgetting the efforts Israel has made to minimize civilian casualties, unlike Biden’s own disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. This hypocrisy is just a glimpse into Biden’s skewed priorities regarding international relations.

In April, Biden overtly criticized Netanyahu, accusing him of prioritizing political survival over Israel’s interests. This coming from a man who has made a career by putting politics before principle truly takes the cake.
Fast forward to May, Biden threatened to cut off Israel if they entered Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold in Gaza. Essentially, Biden was withholding vital support from Israel in their fight against terrorism, showing a lack of understanding or appreciation for Israel’s security concerns.

In June, Biden insinuated that Netanyahu was prolonging the conflict for political gain, echoing baseless accusations in Washington. The irony of Biden’s insinuations considering his politically charged maneuvers is mind-boggling.

Lastly, there was the blunder of pushing Hamas’ proposal as Israel’s and announcing it on the Sabbath, a move that only added confusion and mistrust to an already delicate situation. With actions like these, it’s no wonder that Netanyahu and Israel have been left questioning the reliability of their supposed ally in the White House.

In conclusion, these instances paint a troubling picture of the Biden administration’s treatment of Israel, a crucial ally in the volatile Middle East. Netanyahu’s stance in seeking consistent support from the U.S. is understandable in the face of such erratic behavior from the current administration. Biden’s actions have raised eyebrows and highlighted the importance of strong leadership that stands by its allies, something sorely lacking in the Biden administration’s approach to foreign policy.

Written by Staff Reports

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