Biden Faces Backlash for Threatening to Cut Israel Weapon Shipments

President Biden’s new stance on shipments of precision weapons to Israel has sparked outrage among conservative lawmakers and security experts. By indicating that he would cut off such weapons if the Israeli Defense Forces entered Rafah, the President is facing criticism for potentially undermining Israel’s ability to combat Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, condemned Biden’s decision, asserting that it effectively favors Hamas over Israel. He argued that Biden’s stance not only hinders Israel’s effort to eradicate Hamas but also makes the release of hostages, including Americans, held by Hamas more difficult. Additionally, Friedman criticized the President’s approach, describing it as a failure in tough foreign policy decision-making.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst also slammed the President’s action, expressing concern over the implications of withholding ammunition from Israel, a key ally in the region. She contended that Biden’s decision was politically motivated and cautioned against jeopardizing civilian lives by denying precision tools to Israel. Refusing to accept Biden’s move, Ernst emphasized the critical importance of providing arms to Israel, asserting the need to hold the President accountable for his previous commitment to supporting Israel.

Moreover, Democratic Senator John Fetterman also voiced dissatisfaction with Biden’s decision, highlighting a divide within the political spectrum over this issue.

Security experts further criticized the potential repercussions of Biden’s decision, cautioning that it could embolden attacks against Israel by Iran’s proxies. Some argued that the President’s move to appease certain factions within the Democratic party could have broader implications for U.S. interests in the Middle East.

Given the potential impact of President Biden’s stance on the longstanding U.S. policy regarding weapons shipments to Israel, it has prompted significant debate and concern among conservative voices, urging Congress to address the situation.

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