Biden Faces Low Expectations in Upcoming Presidential Debate Against Trump

In just a little over 48 hours, the highly anticipated first presidential debate of the 2024 cycle is set to take place. This matchup is already being touted as one of the most awaited debates since the iconic Reagan-Mondale showdown in 1984. Back then, Ronald Reagan proved his mettle with a classic zinger that shut down any doubts about his age and abilities, leading to a landslide victory.

Fast forward 40 years, and the expectations are strangely low for the current candidates. Joe Biden won’t have the luxury of Reagan’s wit to bail him out if he falters on stage. All he needs to do, it seems, is avoid any major blunders, and the mainstream media will hail him as a hero despite his obvious shortcomings in coherence and competency.

The responsibility falls on CNN and their anchor, Kasie Hunt, to steer the Biden campaign ship through treacherous waters. With Biden’s track record of gaffes and confusion, keeping the narrative afloat is daunting. Any misstep could spell disaster, prompting blame games and excuses from the Democratic camp.

The media’s bias is glaringly obvious as they shield Biden from criticism, overlooking his glaring inadequacies as a presidential candidate. On the other hand, Trump's team is gearing up to highlight the stark differences in the economy and key issues under both administrations. The contrast between the successes of the Trump era and the failures of the Biden presidency will be hard to ignore, no matter how much the media tries to spin the narrative.

As the clock ticks down to debate night, all eyes are on Biden to see if he can simply make it through without a major mishap. The bar has been set so low that just showing up might earn him a participation trophy in the eyes of his supporters. But as the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd and present it as a trophy, no matter how hard the media tries to spin it.

Written by Staff Reports

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