Biden Flip-Flops on Terror, Might Relist Houthi Menace

The Biden administration has sparked controversy by reportedly planning to re-list the Houthi rebels as a specially designated global terrorist group. This reversal follows Secretary of State Antony Blinken's decision to remove the designation shortly after President Biden assumed office, reflecting a shift that raises concerns about consistency in decision-making within the Biden team.

Previously, during the Trump administration, the Houthi rebels were designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and SDGT toward the end of the 45th president's term. The decision to reverse this designation may be seen as a departure from the previous administration's stance, potentially impacting the security of the United States and its allies.

The Houthis, with support from Iran, have been causing disruptions in the Red Sea, launching attacks on commercial ships in response to Israel's conflict with Hamas. This aggression has compelled shipping companies to reroute vessels around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, resulting in widespread inconvenience.

In response to Houthi defiance, a U.S.-led coalition conducted strikes on their targets in Yemen, signaling a necessary intervention against these disruptive forces. The Houthis seized control of Yemen's government in 2014, contributing to regional instability.

The U.S. strikes on Houthi sites aim to prevent further attacks, including an antiship missile launched at a U.S.-owned-and-operated containership. The Biden administration's commitment to a robust stance against these terrorists is crucial for the safety and security of the nation and its interests. It is hoped that the administration follows through on re-designating the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization to address the ongoing threat.

Written by Staff Reports

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