Biden Flirts with “Security Threat” TikTok, Critics Rage

In a recent exchange, White House national security communications advisor John Kirby was pressed on the Biden campaign’s decision to launch a TikTok account, despite the administration deeming the social media platform a “national security threat.” This decision has raised eyebrows, given the administration’s consideration of a national ban on the app, which has already been prohibited for use on federal devices.

During a press briefing, Fox News’s Jacqui Heinrich inquired about the status of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) review and whether the administration is still contemplating a ban on TikTok. Kirby skillfully dodged the questions, referring inquiries to the CFIUS and emphasizing his inability to speak on their behalf.

Despite the app’s security concerns, the Biden campaign defended its use of TikTok, citing the platform as a way to connect with voters. The campaign assured the public that it has implemented safety measures to mitigate potential risks, claiming to have designated devices solely for the app’s use to minimize the likelihood of data breaches.

The decision to embrace TikTok has not gone unnoticed, attracting criticism from those wary of the platform’s ties to the Chinese company ByteDance. Critics have lambasted Biden, accusing him of jeopardizing the security of his campaign’s presidential data by engaging with the app.

While the campaign’s resilience in utilizing TikTok despite security concerns may seem perplexing to some, it remains to be seen how this decision will impact the administration’s stance on the contentious platform.

Written by Staff Reports

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