Biden Halts Ammo to Israel, Sparking GOP Probe and Ally Concerns

President Biden recently made the decision to pause the shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel as a way to voice opposition to Israel’s operation in the Rafah neighborhood, currently being conducted to root out the last remaining stronghold for Hamas. This move by the Biden administration has raised serious concerns within the Israeli government and has led to criticism from those who oppose the president’s support of Israel. 


Furthermore, it has been reported that the Biden administration failed to inform Congress about its decision to halt the ammunition shipments to Israel, sparking a probe by two GOP senators. This lack of transparency from the administration has raised even more concern about its stance toward Israel.

In addition to pausing the ammunition shipment, the Biden administration allegedly botched a last-minute ceasefire agreement with Hamas, failing to properly communicate with Israeli counterparts. This misstep led to the proposal being rejected by Israel, which then proceeded with its military operation in Rafah.

The Biden administration’s actions have left many questioning the president’s commitment to standing firm with Israel, a key ally in the Middle East. This move not only sends a troubling message to America’s allies but also undermines the administration’s previous assurances of unwavering support for Israel. As the situation in the Rafah neighborhood unfolds, Israeli forces have been urging civilians to evacuate for their safety, but some have chosen to remain, expressing a disturbing refusal to accept peace if it involves cooperation with the Jewish population.

Written by Staff Reports

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