Biden-Harris Campaign Reveals Key Battle Plans For 2024

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have pitched their campaign strategy for the 2024 election, highlighting their perceived Democratic victories in the 2022 midterms and key 2023 elections. Their campaign intends to invest in states that they won in 2020 and those they believe they can win again in 2024. The memo also boasts that the Biden-Harris campaign is leveraging party infrastructure from day one.

The memo highlights Democratic electoral victories that occurred under the Biden administration, including mayoral gains in Jacksonville, Florida and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court election where a liberal candidate won. The campaign will also invest in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Georgia, with the goal of gaining Florida and North Carolina.

The Biden-Harris team is focused on retaining their 2020 and 2022 midterm voters, including white working-class voters, suburban voters, and communities of color. According to the memo, their organizing program will focus on leveraging personal networks through amplifying core messages online and having personal conversations offline.

In late April, Biden announced his run for a second term via a campaign video, where he promised to “finish the job.” He joined former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Democratic primaries. The Real Clear Politics average for a 2024 national Democratic primary based on polls conducted between April 21 and May 7 indicate that Biden, Kennedy, and Williamson have 64.7%, 19.7% and 7% support respectively.

As their campaign enters its early phases, the Biden-Harris team is embracing their status as incumbents and running on the promise of retaining their current and potential electoral base. While their strategy may sound promising on paper, it remains to be seen whether they can indeed retain their voters or maintain the popularity they have garnered in the past. As a result, the campaign will require unprecedented innovation to keep their momentum going and achieve a second term.

Written by Staff Reports

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