Biden Ignites Outrage, Taps Ex-Hunter Pal for Top Counsel Role!

President Joe Biden's latest move has once again ignited controversy, leading many to question his ability to evade scrutiny, regardless of the apparent ethical concerns. In this instance, President Biden has nominated Hampton Dellinger as his special counsel, revealing that Dellinger previously worked alongside Hunter Biden at a law firm that had ties to Burisma Holdings, the notorious Ukrainian energy company that stirred controversy during the last election due to Hunter Biden's association with it.

The situation takes a more troubling turn as two IRS whistleblowers have testified before the House Oversight Committee, claiming that their investigation into Hunter Biden's alleged tax offenses was obstructed by the Department of Justice. The Oversight Committee has drawn attention to what appears to be a retaliatory move by President Biden, stating via a tweet, "Amid Hunter's campaign against the IRS whistleblowers, President Biden has nominated a former colleague of his son to head the Office of the Special Counsel, responsible for investigating whistleblower retaliation allegations." This move raises concerns that President Biden may be prioritizing his family's interests over the pursuit of justice.

The connections between Dellinger, Hunter Biden, and Burisma become even more apparent as it is revealed that Dellinger and Hunter Biden worked together at the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, which represented Burisma Holdings. Emails retrieved from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop demonstrate his close collaboration with the firm's crisis management team, including attending private gatherings with Dellinger. In one email exchange, Dellinger expressed his pleasure at seeing Hunter Biden and looked forward to catching up. Additionally, the emails indicated Hunter Biden's intent to introduce Burisma as a client to the law firm, solidifying the close ties between Dellinger, Hunter Biden, and Burisma.

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has strongly criticized this nomination and called for Dellinger to withdraw, accusing President Biden of shielding the "Biden Crime Family" from accountability. Gaetz warned that failure to withdraw would send a chilling message to civil servants, suggesting they would face targeting if they investigate potential wrongdoings by the President's family. This situation raises grave concerns about President Biden's ethical standards and his commitment to transparency.

Adding to the suspicion, it has been revealed that Dellinger made substantial donations to President Biden's 2020 campaign and the Biden Victory Fund. This financial connection between Dellinger and the President fuels worries about possible conflicts of interest and reinforces concerns about the nomination's propriety.

In summary, President Biden's nomination of Hampton Dellinger as his special counsel has cast doubt on his judgment and integrity. It represents yet another instance of questionable behavior that has come to be associated with his administration. The American people are left yearning for genuine accountability and transparency, while it appears that President Biden is willing to go to great lengths to protect his family and personal interests—a deeply disheartening situation.

Written by Staff Reports

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