Biden Insists on Full Term Amid Questions of Fitness and Future Leadership

Looks like President Joe Biden plans on sticking around for the full four years if he manages to get reelected in November, according to the latest musings from the White House. The latest soundbite from the press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, only needed one word to clear this up: “Yes.” Well, that clears up exactly nothing, but thanks anyway.

Once again, Biden is touting his intentions to serve a full term, a comforting thought given his track record of promising to be a bridge to a younger generation. Remember when he handpicked Kamala Harris, apparently sealing the fate of the Democratic Party’s future with his wisdom? Nothing says “fresh leadership” like an 81-year-old making promises for the next generation while showcasing his mental agility by, oops, losing his train of thought during the debate against Trump.

Jean-Pierre, carrying out her now routine damage control, reiterated Biden’s statements from earlier this month. She reminded everyone how proud he is to have Harris as his partner, calling her the future of the party. Must be some kind of future considering how Biden talked of the grand transition that wouldn’t happen for another eight years. Whoever thought the Democratic Party’s future leaders would require a century to make an entrance?

Reporters, relentless as usual, pressed on about Biden’s long-term vision. Yet, Jean-Pierre dodged the speculation like a seasoned pro, refusing to acknowledge the glaring age elephant in the room. It’s not every day you see a White House dancing around the issue of whether their leader can even finish his sentences, let alone his term.

Biden now finds himself grappling for support, attempting to assure Democrats that he’s still got it. After his debate performance where he showcased the stamina of a snail and the cognitive sharpness of a gloomy Monday morning, it’s no surprise that the Democratic base is getting a bit jumpy. Apparently, the American people should settle in for another four years of excitement, gaffes, and vintage “leadership”. Time will tell whether Biden’s grandiose plans can outpace his ability to remember them.

Written by Staff Reports

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