Biden Loses Grip: US Citizens Want Israel Ceasefire Now!

In the latest survey, it was found that more and more Americans are turning away from the Biden administration’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war. The Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that a whopping 68% of respondents now support a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict, which has been dragging on for six long weeks. That’s a big jump from the previous survey, folks!

What’s even more telling is that only 32% of respondents believe that the U.S. should continue to support Israel, a significant drop from the 41% who felt the same way just last month. It seems like more and more people are waking up to the fact that a ceasefire is the best way forward in this tragic situation. The survey also showed that the number of people who think the U.S. should act as a neutral mediator has risen to 39% from 27% in the previous poll. It’s great to see more Americans recognizing the importance of neutrality and diplomacy in this conflict!

Perhaps most concerning for Israel is the fact that only 31% of respondents support sending them weapons, while a whopping 43% oppose the idea. It’s clear that the American people are growing wary of getting involved in overseas conflicts, especially when it comes to sending weapons to other countries. And it’s no surprise that the strongest support for sending weapons to Israel comes from Republicans, while half of Democrats are against the idea. It’s a divided issue, folks!

In comparison, the survey revealed that 41% of respondents back sending weapons to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, with only 32% opposed. What’s interesting here is that support for sending weapons to Ukraine is stronger among Democrats. It just goes to show the double standards at play when it comes to foreign policy decisions.

Amidst all this, Israel has made it clear that they’re not interested in a ceasefire, citing concerns about giving Hamas time to regroup. And President Biden has come out in defense of Israel’s decision, highlighting the heinous attacks that Hamas has carried out. It’s a tough situation, folks, but it’s important to remember the realities on the ground before making any decisions.

All in all, it’s clear that American sentiment is shifting when it comes to the Israel-Hamas conflict. With more and more people backing a ceasefire and questioning the U.S.’s role in the conflict, it’s a sign that the American people are becoming more aware of the complexities of international affairs. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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