Biden Marijuana Reclassification Plan Faces Bipartisan Skepticism

The Biden administration’s plan to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug raised concerns from both Democratic and Republican members of Congress. DEA Administrator Anne Milgram faced questions about the sudden move during a hearing on the proposed fiscal 2025 DEA budget. Milgram declined to comment on the decision, citing the ongoing rulemaking process for the Controlled Substances Act.

President Biden had promised the reclassification of marijuana during his 2020 campaign. Concerns were raised about potential conflicts between state and federal laws if marijuana is not descheduled. Additionally, the impact on DEA agents’ focus, potential dangers of marijuana use, and the source of the reclassification effort were all topics of concern during the hearing.

Biden’s previous actions, such as pardoning individuals with federal marijuana use charges, were also brought up during the hearing. These pardons were part of the administration’s effort to make it easier for individuals with criminal records to obtain work and housing by clearing their records of the felony offense.

The administration’s move to reclassify marijuana comes at a time close to the upcoming presidential election and has the potential to appeal to young voters. The discussion highlighted the ongoing debate around the legalization and classification of marijuana and its potential impact on public health and law enforcement efforts.

The hearing showcased a deep divide in opinions on the reclassification of marijuana, with various concerns and perspectives being raised by lawmakers from both parties.

Written by Staff Reports

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