Biden Seeks More Border Funds Amid Security Concerns

The Biden administration asks for more money for Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), but a former border security leader says that won’t solve the real problems. The White House says Congress needs to pass a funding bill that includes $405 million for hiring 1,300 more Border Patrol agents. However, there are already many empty positions in the Border Patrol, even with CBP spending more on recruiting and lowering standards. The former CBP commissioner, Mark Morgan, says the issue is not just about money but about how the administration limits what Border Patrol agents can do.

According to a report, under the Trump administration, the number of Border Patrol staff increased, but it has been decreasing under Biden. To attract more recruits, CBP is offering bonuses and relaxed grooming standards. But Morgan argues that agents are leaving because they are not allowed to enforce security policies effectively. He claims that current policies allow cartels to exploit weaknesses at the border, putting national security at risk.

Border Patrol agents have expressed frustration, saying they feel their mission to protect the country is being undermined. They believe they are being pulled away from their core duties to deal with processing migrants. Despite Biden’s executive orders, reversing many of Trump’s border security policies, Morgan suggests that the president can take action now to strengthen border security without waiting for Congress.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s focus on funding for more Border Patrol agents may not address the core issues affecting border security. Conservative critics argue that the current policies are ineffective and are putting national security at risk. They believe that Biden can take immediate action to strengthen border security through executive orders.

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