Biden Sets 8PM Curfew for Himself, Doubts on Leadership Stamina Grow

President Biden has decided it’s time to put a lid on his day earlier than ever before. He informed Democratic governors that he won’t be scheduling events past 8 p.m. anymore to ensure he gets more sleep, as reported by CNN.

According to sources close to the matter, Biden’s announcement came during a White House meeting aimed at assuring state leaders of his ability to win the upcoming election and lead effectively for another term. However, telling them that late-night activities are off the table didn’t quite inspire confidence. Governors reportedly left the meeting feeling frustrated, an emotion that CNN dutifully reported.

And who can blame them? It seems these governors were also less than thrilled about having to issue a forced statement of loyalty and enthusiasm, which the Biden campaign trotted out the following day. One might think that a strong leader wouldn’t need to coerce endorsements, but here we are.

Biden’s sudden shift to an early bedtime isn’t without reason. His widely criticized performance in last week’s debate didn’t exactly paint him as a beacon of vitality. The 81-year-old president came across as confused and incoherent, making it a tiresome spectacle for anyone watching. No wonder he thinks he needs more sleep.

But this new 8 p.m. cutoff raises another question: What happens during the next debate, scheduled for September 10 with a 9 p.m. start time? Will Biden manage to stay awake, or should America brace for another sleepy performance?

In these times, it’s vital for the country to have a leader who can handle the rigors of leadership without needing an early bedtime. The stakes are too high to turn in early.

Written by Staff Reports

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