Biden Stumbles and Freezes During Fundraiser Obama Steps In to Lead Him Off Stage

President Joe Biden gave a speech at a big event, and some people thought he seemed a bit confused. Former President Barack Obama looked surprised in a video where Biden made some mistakes while talking. The event was supposed to get people excited about supporting Biden for president in 2024, but instead, it made people question if Biden is fit to be in charge.

Biden discussed the number of people without jobs but mixed up his words. He first said many people didn’t have jobs, then fixed himself and said there was a very low number of unemployed people. Obama’s face showed he was puzzled by Biden’s words.

The fundraiser was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and collected more than $30 million for Biden’s campaign. The plan was to show off all the good things Biden’s government has done and to talk about how important the next election is. However, Biden’s stumbling over his words and the video of Obama’s surprise stole the spotlight, giving Republicans and people on social media more reason to doubt Biden’s abilities to lead.

Obama led Biden off the stage when he froze up during the event with famous people from Hollywood. Biden stopped moving for about 10 seconds while standing to thank the crowd, and Obama had to step in to help him off the stage. This happened shortly after Biden seemed lost while meeting with world leaders at a meeting in Italy.

Biden had another odd moment while meeting Pope Francis, where he leaned over and touched heads with the pope. The pope seemed unsure about what was happening before being pushed away. Some people believe Biden’s behavior shows he may not be as strong a leader as needed. In the upcoming election, Biden is behind Trump in a very close race that hasn’t changed much for a while.

In the conservative view, these instances of confusion and awkwardness from President Biden raise serious concerns about his ability to lead the country effectively. The viral video clips of his verbal missteps and strange behavior only serve to reinforce the belief that Biden may not be up to the task of being president. It is vital for the American people to have a strong and competent leader in office, especially in the face of challenges both at home and abroad. Biden’s actions during these events only add to the growing doubts about his capabilities as the nation’s leader.

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