Biden Stumbles in CNN Interview Amid Economic Woes, Raising Leadership Doubts

President Biden’s recent CNN interview has led many to question his ability to effectively lead the country. During the interview, he appeared dishonest, forgetful, and confused. One question from the interviewer, Erin Burnett, seemed to anger Biden. She pointed out the grim state of the economy, including skyrocketing home prices, declining real income, and low consumer confidence.

The data supports Burnett’s claims, indicating a 271 percent increase in starter home prices since 2019 and a drop in overall consumer confidence. The real median household income has also decreased by about $4,000. When asked if he was concerned about turning the economy around before the election, Biden responded with a blank stare before claiming that the economy had already turned around.

It’s no secret that inflation has made life harder for many Americans, with some forced to take on multiple jobs, relocate to more affordable areas, and change their spending habits. Many point to the significant increase in government spending under Biden as a cause for the economic challenges.

Given these circumstances, voters face a clear choice in the upcoming election. They must carefully consider whether to support a president seemingly indifferent to the economic struggles of average Americans or a former president with a track record of improving the economy. The outcome of the election will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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