Biden Sunbathes While Demanding $95.8B Global Giveaway

President Biden is at it again, folks! While taking a little vacation in Delaware, he’s demanding Congress to come back from their two-week recess and pass a whopping $95.8 billion foreign aid package. Who does he think he is, making demands on our hardworking lawmakers while he’s out catching some Delaware sun? That’s right, the President wants to shower Ukraine with $60 billion in military and domestic funding, and let’s not forget about Israel and Taiwan, who will be getting a sweet slice of the pie too.

But hold your horses! Our Republican friends in the House are not having it. They’re demanding a plan to secure our southern border, which, by the way, has been dealing with a massive influx of illegal aliens for the past two fiscal years. And it gets even hairier in the Senate, where a few Republicans tried to strike a deal that would let in a whopping 5,000 illegal aliens per day, throw billions at lawyers for asylum seekers, and hand out green cards like candy until 2030. Good thing that deal got a big fat “no” from the Senate and the House Speaker, Mike Johnson from Louisiana. You go, Mike!

Meanwhile, President Biden is yammering on about how crucial it is to pass this foreign aid package. He’s crying about walking away from Ukraine and NATO, but hold the phone, none of the countries benefitting from this package are even NATO members. And to top it off, President Biden won’t even sit down with Speaker Johnson to hash things out. What’s the matter, Joe? Afraid of a little face-to-face negotiation?

Instead of facing the music and meeting with House Republicans, the White House is pointing fingers at the House for not considering the Senate’s amnesty deal. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre even had the audacity to say, “What is there to negotiate, truly?” Well, Karine, how about securing our border and focusing on the needs of the American people for a change?

This whole debacle just goes to show that President Biden is more interested in playing politics than actually getting things done. It’s time for him to put on his big boy pants and work with the House to find a solution that benefits everyone, not just his so-called allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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