Biden Threatens to Veto GOP Bills, Prioritizes Liberal Agenda Over Budget Control

Joe Biden, King of the Veto, is at it again. This time, he’s threatening to torpedo three GOP-led appropriations bills that are up for a vote in the House this week. In his mission to out-veto Donald Trump, Biden appears determined to block any attempts by Republicans to rein in the runaway train that is the federal budget.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Tom Cole from Oklahoma must be shaking his head in disbelief. Unlike the fiscal restraint that characterized Trump’s administration, Biden is all too eager to flex his veto muscles. The spending bills at risk would provide funding for the State Department, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security – all critical areas unless one subscribes to Biden’s peculiar priorities.

The President claims these bills will result in deep cuts to everything under the sun – law enforcement, education, housing, healthcare, consumer safety, energy programs, and even nutrition services. It sounds like he’s reading from a list of imaginary catastrophes, all designed to scare the left and distract from his own administration’s failings. And let’s not forget his laundry list of liberal sacred cows: access to abortion, the LGBT community, climate change, and diversity initiatives. Apparently, these take precedence over national security and controlling government spending.

The reality is these GOP-sponsored bills aim to fund essential departments through fiscal 2025. Republicans in the House are trying to manage the budget sensibly, but Biden insists this approach “would harm America.” How is that? By restoring some measure of fiscal sanity?
To add to the drama, Biden talks about a “bipartisan appropriations process” to “fully fund Federal agencies in a timely manner.” One can only laugh. When has bipartisanship ever meant fiscal responsibility with this administration? It’s political theater designed to dupe the public into believing that these outlandish spending habits are sound economics.

In essence, Biden’s veto spree continues his play-it-safe strategy. By vetoing these bills, he can try to appease his base, keep the federal checkbook wide open, and vilify those evil Republicans who dare to demand accountability. Meanwhile, House Republicans, undeterred, plan to push all 12 of their spending bills forward before the August recess. The budget battle on Capitol Hill is far from over, and Biden seems more committed than ever to winning the prize for most vetoes, even if it bankrupts the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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