Biden to Face Softball Interview on ABC with Longtime Clinton Ally Stephanopoulos

Joe Biden, America’s oldest president, is set to give another softball interview to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. A long-time Clinton operative interviewing a Democrat president—what a shocking development! One would think that such an “exclusive” interview would demand a live broadcast, right? Wrong. This media charade will be taped, chopped, and served up like yesterday’s reheated leftovers.

The genius idea here is to roll out the interview in segments over a few days. On Friday, we’ll get a slice of it on “World News Tonight”—oh, the suspense is palpable! Saturday and Sunday bring forth more nuggets on “Good Morning America,” and if you manage to stay awake through it all, catch the “extended interview” on “This Week” and another cut on Monday morning. By then, even the squirrels will know exactly what Biden supposedly said.

ABC News, bastions of transparency that they are, couldn’t even confirm if they’d release a full, unedited transcript of the interview. Might as well ask Bigfoot about his grooming habits and expect a clearer answer. Critics are already predicting that Stephanopoulos, known for his, shall we say, non-adversarial approach with Democrats, will certainly skate around any hard-hitting questions. Don’t expect Biden’s debate performance or his reelection plans to be grilled with the intensity they deserve.

So, what’s Stephanopoulos’ star status now? He’s part of an elite group of journalists who have pulled off an unprecedented second Biden interview. Quite the feat, considering Biden has granted interviews on par with a reclusive rockstar. Remember Afghanistan 2021? Stephanopoulos was there too, artfully navigating the chaos with Biden.

Meanwhile, Biden’s handlers insist he’s given 40 interviews this year. One might question their math, given most were with friendly faces who probably handed him cookies and milk afterward. The likes of NYT, WaPo, WSJ, and Reuters? Those outlets haven’t had the pleasure of facing Biden’s scripted charm.

This exclusive interview is so crucial that it won’t even air live. Wouldn’t want any pesky unplanned moments shattering the carefully crafted image of Biden as mentally sharp and agile. Critics argue this taped interview with Stephanopoulos is less about transparency and more about damage control. The odds of getting an unfiltered glimpse of Biden are slimmer than a vegan at a Texas BBQ.

Is this yet another attempt by the liberal media to shield the president from any inconvenient truths? Some critics posit that Stephanopoulos’ real job might be to prop up Biden for the 2024 race, while others see it as a forewarning of Biden’s growing frailty. Either way, it’s clear: Biden with training wheels isn’t fooling anyone. The more his handlers try to wrap him in political bubble wrap, the more glaringly obvious his vulnerabilities become.

Written by Staff Reports

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