Biden Tries to Turn Tables, Now Claiming Trump is Too Old!

The reelection campaign of President Joe Biden is encountering a substantial obstacle in the form of their candidate's advanced age of eighty years. To refute this, the campaign is emphasizing the 77-year-old age of former President Donald Trump. Biden is, surprisingly, more widely regarded as too elderly to serve a second term than Trump.

The Biden campaign is encountering further obstacles from social media platforms, such as RNC Research, which disseminates videos capturing Biden's physical and verbal errors. Instantaneously disseminated across platforms such as X (previously referred to as Twitter), these snippets reached tens of thousands of individuals. The Biden campaign, on the other hand, is responding swiftly with its own account. Biden-Harris HQ is currently disseminating real-time footage of Trump's gaffes to demonstrate that even he is susceptible to error.

The strategy appears to be garnering traction, as evidenced by the 858,600 views on a single clip shared by the Biden-Harris HQ account. A video of them emphasizing Trump's verbal errors has been viewed in excess of one million times. An additional video that featured Trump misidentifying the incumbent President amassed 3.6 million views.

The effectiveness of this strategy for the Biden campaign is yet to be determined, as additional polling regarding the ages of the 2024 nominees is required. Nonetheless, some skeptics believe Biden might have difficulty persuading his own supporters that his age is irrelevant. Douglas Heye, a Republican strategist, remarked that it would be comparable to Bruce Springsteen claiming that another artist performs lengthier concerts.

Written by Staff Reports

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