Biden vs Trump Debate Anticipated to Spark Fireworks in Atlanta

Brace yourselves, folks, it’s the battle of the century: Sleepy Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump, Round Two. The first presidential debate in Atlanta is forecasted to reignite their infamous hostilities. While Biden shuffles around with claims and promises barely kept, Trump strides in with a track record of results and, let’s face it, some entertaining one-liners.

In 2020, the two divided over a range of issues, notably the pandemic. Trump, always the showman, turned the debates into must-see TV with his straight-shooting jabs at Biden. Biden, on the other hand, mostly teetered between confusion and canned responses.

Healthcare was a battleground topic, with Biden pushing for an expansion of Obamacare, a program Republicans rightfully predicted would spiral into a bureaucratic nightmare. Trump called out the Democrats’ thinly veiled socialist ambitions, and here we are, witnessing the results. 

Obamacare is still around, but the healthcare system is far from improved.
Biden’s big boast during the debates was his promise to axe Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. Fast forward to 2024, and those tax cuts still stand strong, benefiting American workers and businesses. Biden couldn’t lift a finger on that front, but he’s still peddling the tired trope that high earners and corporations need to pay more, ignoring the economic boost those very tax cuts provided.

The 2020 debates also reminded us of Trump’s appointment of nearly 300 federal judges and the reshaping of the Supreme Court. Biden, predictably, is lagging behind, and his chances of catching up are slimmer than a Hollywood diet. Unlike Biden, who seems more focused on undoing Trump’s legacy than building his own, Trump’s judicial appointments are a win for Americans who value the Constitution.

Electric vehicles and climate change? Biden’s glorious promise of 500,000 charging stations fizzled out faster than a cheap firework. Today, there are a paltry seven stations to show for all his talk. Meanwhile, Biden’s green dream is bleeding taxpayers dry with $7.5 billion in investments that any ordinary American is yet to see the benefits of.

If you thought Biden’s performance couldn’t get any worse, remember his handling of COVID-19. He barked at Trump in the debate, blaming him for 220,000 deaths, but under Biden’s reign, the number of deaths skyrocketed, vaccines in hand. Yet, the man had the audacity to stay in the White House. His partner-in-blame, Dr. Fauci, remains a thorn in Americans’ sides—a constant reminder of Biden’s inability to do anything effectively.

And who could forget Hunter Biden’s laptop? Trump’s mention of the “laptop from hell” sent liberals into a frenzy of denials, but now, even liberal media can’t hide that it’s legit. Biden cited a chorus of former intelligence officials to dismiss it as Russian disinfo, but that deception is collapsing. Joe won’t have his facade to lean on this time around.

On China and immigration, Biden’s failures are just as damning. He backtracked on tariffs, keeping Trump’s in place, and tried to outdo him with even higher ones. Immigration promises? Another flop. While Biden claimed he’d create pathways to citizenship, all he’s managed is a chaotic border crisis. Trump cleaned up the border; Biden let it turn into a free-for-all.

As Trump and Biden prepare to face off once more, one thing is clear: Biden’s hollow promises and ineffective policies stand no chance against Trump’s record of action and results. Grab the popcorn because this debate is set to be one for the history books.

Written by Staff Reports

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