Bidenomics: The American Dream Nightmare, Wallets Suffer

President Joe Biden’s economic policies, also known as “Bidenomics,” are causing quite a stir and not in a good way. Despite the White House’s best efforts to paint a rosy picture, even left-wing outlets and the president himself are starting to express their discontent with the state of the U.S. economy. It’s no wonder that NBC News admitted to being “baffled” by the “jumbled mess” that Bidenomics has left behind.

The term Bidenomics itself seems to mystify Americans, including its namesake. In fact, Biden himself admitted in a speech earlier this year that he had no clue what it meant. And it seems that the American people aren’t buying it either. Polling shows that a significant portion of adults rate economic conditions as “poor,” with a Gallup survey revealing that 48% of adults feel this way, the highest share in a year. To make matters worse, a University of Michigan survey found that 20% of consumers felt that their personal finances had deteriorated since Biden took office.

But let’s talk about the real issues that are hitting Americans where it hurts: their wallets. Despite Biden claiming that his economic plan is the embodiment of the American Dream, everyday Americans are finding themselves financially worse off than ever. The cost of living is on the rise, with food prices in U.S. cities increasing by a staggering 20% since Biden took office. And let’s not forget about gas prices, which may have dipped slightly from their pandemic highs but are still about one-third higher than pre-pandemic levels.

All of this paints a very different picture from the one Biden is trying to portray. While he celebrates overall economic growth, what matters most to Americans is their day-to-day struggles and the increasing burden on their wallets. It’s clear that Bidenomics is not the answer to the problems facing hard-working Americans. Despite Biden’s claims of being a deficit cutter and inflation fighter, the numbers simply don’t add up. The deficit has actually increased by two and a half times, inflation is still twice as high as when Biden took office, and people’s credit card debt is at record highs.

It’s not just conservative media outlets calling out Biden’s misleading claims. Even the Washington Post, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, has acknowledged the “highly misleading” nature of his statements. It’s time for the president to face the music and admit that his economic policies are failing the American people. It’s time for a new approach that prioritizes the needs of everyday Americans and avoids the pitfalls of Bidenomics.

Written by Staff Reports

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