Biden’s $300 Billion Gamble to Take Control of American Education

Joe Biden declared that he would give people who borrowed money for education the riches that every taxpayer has. Instead of being a freebie, this is pure socialism.

Blue collar employees who are already struggling to pay their bills and cover their children's college expenses must now pay off the debt that other people accrued. It doesn't matter if the students who borrowed money for college did poorly or chose to major in puppetry. They owe their loans to us all.

Although this will cause significant economic harm and inflation, the consequences for this nation are much greater.

The intention is to give the government control over education. Education is centralised by it.

If your life is centralised, unaccountable individuals control every element of it. Democrats are pushing us in every aspect of life toward centralization. They aim to direct you and take advantage of you by demanding payment. The Left genuinely thinks it is okay to use your money to advance their political agenda. These ideologues hold fast to a system that has been tried and failed time and time again. Everything we observe is on purpose.

They use education, which they control, to brainwash the populace. Both the past and future are true.

Of course, this is also a reprehensible vote-buying plan, but it is nothing compared to the long-term harm this brings to American ideals. To gain complete control, they are placing everyone on welfare.

Bernie Sanders or AOC may just as well be in charge. There is no distinction.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

Written by Staff Reports

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