Biden’s Afghan Blunder: Abandoned Weapons Fuelling Hamas Attacks?”

The Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is coming back to haunt them yet again, as it appears that Hamas terrorists may have gotten their hands on weapons left behind. A high-ranking official in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has suggested that some of the arms seized in Afghanistan have made their way into the hands of Israel’s enemies.

It’s no secret that the Biden administration’s withdrawal was a complete disaster, leaving behind approximately $7 billion worth of weapons, equipment, and ammunition. This includes aircraft, air-to-ground munitions, military vehicles, weapons, communications equipment, and more. Even night vision and surveillance equipment were left unattended, potentially falling into the wrong hands.

This situation is deeply concerning and raises questions about the competence of the Biden administration. How could they have been so careless in leaving behind billions of dollars worth of weapons? It’s clear that their reckless actions have put the safety and security of Israel at risk.

In response to these alarming developments, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called on Israel to track the serial numbers of any US weapons used by Hamas. She believes that tracing these weapons back to their source could provide valuable insight into how they ended up in the hands of terrorists. Greene even suggests that Afghanistan and Ukraine could be potential sources of these weapons.

To make matters worse, just last month, the Biden administration announced that it had released five American citizens held in Iranian custody in exchange for $6 billion of Iranian funds. Not only is this a dangerous precedent to set, but it also puts American lives at risk. The release of these funds could potentially be used to fund terrorism around the world.

Former President Trump was quick to criticize this deal, calling Biden an “incompetent fool” for giving money to a terrorist regime. Trump rightly points out that this money could be used for terrorism in the Middle East and beyond. He also warns that paying for hostages will only lead to more kidnappings, ransom, and blackmail against Americans.

The recent wave of Iranian terror attacks that targeted Israel has left over 600 Israelis dead and more than 100 hostages. It is a tragic reminder of the dangers that arise when weak leadership is at the helm. The Biden administration’s foreign policy blunders are causing immense harm, and it’s clear that their lack of strategy and foresight is putting American lives at risk. It’s time for stronger, more decisive leadership that prioritizes American security above all else.

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